Matt’s interest in photography started as a youth playing with C126 and 110 cameras. Always experimenting, he loved to explore what each new camera was capable of doing. Pinhole cameras made from cereal boxes and loaded with one sheet of film at a time provided further explorations in photography. In his early teens Matt used money earned from a paper-route to purchase his first 35mm SLR and the required accessories; this camera opened up the world of portraiture, wedding and nature photography. Thousands of slides were shot of plants, flowers, animals, as well as family and friends. Darkroom experimentation soon followed with hundreds of black and white prints coming from his small basement darkroom.

While still in his teens, Matt built a 4”x5” inch view camera and working with that, developed a growing interest in still life and product photography. This lead to carrying the large-format camera on his travels to get better quality images, even in the wilderness.

Matt’s professional career started in Graphic Arts at Magnavox in Fort Wayne, Indiana. After less than 6 months in graphic arts, Matt moved to the photographer position and continued to grow and expand his photographic and communication knowledge. After a couple years working with company management and discussing their presentation needs, Matt expanded the photolab services to include video production and editing. Ultimately, Matt became the supervisor of photography, video production and illustration services at Raytheon. After going through the numerous waves of downsizing, mergers, and buyouts at Magnavox, Matt decided to move to a communiction position at General Motors. Five years later, having ridden the ups and downs of large corporations for 30 years and with GM bordering on bankruptcy, Matt ventured out of the corporate world to start Day Creative Solutions in 2007.

Day Creative Solutions provides photography (including: matting, mounting and framing services), video production, web design and other communication services. His photos have received awards from the PP of A (Professional Photographers of America) and have appeared as cover shots and illustrations in magazines, calendars and annual reports. Matt’s nature photography has also been featured in local art shows.

When you are ready for the best in photography and communication services, call or write Day Creative Solutions.